Malco TurboShears; A Model of Speed, Efficiency and Quality

20th April 2018 • Categories: HVAC, Products, Turbo Shears

Malco TurboShears

At Malco, we’re very proud of our longstanding traditions of quality and innovation. Our tagline is, “Work. Perform. Outlast,” and while that’s true of every single product we make, we’re especially proud of our robust line of TurboShears and how they’ve made work life easier and more efficient for hand tool technicians across the world.

Whatever you’re cutting, Malco probably has a TurboShear product that can attach to your drill for fast cuts. Our line of TurboShears attach simply and quickly to both corded or cordless drills including impact drivers and feature fast-cutting blades that give the look and precision of hand cuts.

Malco TurboShears

Whether you’re a technician working with hand tools in HVACR, Automotive, Roofing, Siding and Gutter, Malco has TurboShear products that will make your job easier. Malco TurboShears are not only user-friendly in both speed and quality, but they are built to last.

Malco TurboShear

From our top-selling TurboShearHD, with its long-lasting blades that make fast, smooth trim cuts and tight left circular or square cuts in metal ductwork and metal roofing and building panels– to our line of 360-degree rotating head, now standard on most TurboShear models, which allows users to position and lock the drill so it doesn’t interfere with material for quick, hassle-free cuts every time—our family of TurboShear hand tools has everything you might be looking for.


The original TurboShear is still a solid performer, it started the TurboShear revolution—instantly turning power drills into power shears! Our TurboShear family has only grown since the original though—with additions like the 360 degree rotating head and the double-cut TurboShears that make cuts that used to be painstaking a much simpler task, giving technicians more quality in far less time.


Our TurboShears make the fast and smooth cuts that you’re looking for. Whatever you’re cutting, whether it’s fiber cement, backerboard, asphalt, slate, vinyl, metal etc., Malco has a TurboShear that will make your life easier!

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