Sheet Metal Screws

Sheet metal screws are made to tighten two metal objects together and is ideal for use within HVAC applications. These screws are also capable of connecting metal to plastic, wood, and various other surfaces.

Malco offers a variety of Sheet Metal Screws specifically made with the HVAC trade pro in mind. Malco is known for manufacturing some of the highest quality screws, including the popular #1 rated Zip-In screw, one of the best sheet metal screws sold worldwide. In addition to the Zip-In, Malco also offers Bit-Tip, Drill-In, Register, and Square Pan Head Style Zip-In Screws. The Pan head style offers the same kind of quality as the hex style.

Malco also sells painted sheet metal screws for users who are in need of fastening to a colored surface. These are offered in royal brown, musket bronze, almond, white, classic cream, and clay color options.

For the best quality in fastening HVAC Sheet Metal applications, choose Malco!

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