Vinyl Siding Tools

Whether you are applying, removing, or cutting Vinyl Siding, Malco Products has your back. Malco offers premium vinyl siding tools that are made in the USA such as the time saving TurboShear, The comfortable SideSwiper II Removal Tool, the versatile J-Channel Cutter, or the useful Sider.

For the best quality on your next vinyl siding project, choose Malco!

Product Categories

Malco's Vinyl Siding Cutter next to a yellow impact drill
TurboShear® – Vinyl Siding Cutter Drill Attachment

Attachable vinyl siding cutter that attaches to corded or cordless drills for making straight cuts, circles, and squares.


Malco Pneumatic Powered Vinyl Siding Cutter
TurboShear® – Vinyl Cutting, Pneumatic

Air powered Vinyl Siding Cutter attaches to an existing air supply for making straight cuts, circles and squares in all popular vinyl siding styles.


Photo of Malco's Vinyl Siding Tool
SideSwiper® II – Vinyl Siding Removal Tool

Easily remove vinyl siding with the Malco SideSwiper® II tool. A smooth unlocking motion, an easy-to-grasp straight handle, and a non-slip textured grip offer a comfortable and clean solution for the job at hand.


Malco Vinyl Siding Tool, J Channel Cutter
J-Channel Cutter

Makes drain tabs, downstream notch cutouts and miter trim cuts for vinyl siding J-Channel.


Nail Hole Punch, Vinyl

Makes a horizontal slot for adding or elongating nail holes in vinyl or aluminum siding to accommodate stud spacing.


Malco SL8R Vinyl Siding Snap Lock Punch
Snap Lock Punch for Vinyl Siding

The Vinyl Siding Snap Lock Punch Produces wider, more prominent rectangular tab projections for securing vinyl skirting or siding to finishing trim.


Snap Lock Punch

Vinyl snap lock punch, plated steel handles w/ cushioned vinyl grips. Used to create raised projection that locks into a piece of utility trim.


All three models of Malco's Trim Nail Punches
Trim Nail Punches

Standard trim nail setter for 1-1/4 inch painted trim nails.



Siding gauge for accurate marking and scoring of siding panels. Use for both rip and cross type cuts.



Malco ULV10 Lightweight Vinyl Siding Snip
Ultra Lightweight Vinyl Cutting Snips

Cuts Heavy Vinyl Siding and other non-ferrous materials or fabrics, including trim coil. Weighs less than 9 oz (249 g)


Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas MV12
Andy Combination Snip for Vinyl and More!

Versatile 12-inch (31 cm) long aluminum handled combination snip with knife-like edge slices through heavy vinyl siding lockseams and other flexible non-ferrous materials with ease.


Circular Saw Blade: Vinyl Cutting

A full selection of dedicated vinyl-cutting solutions for both Siding and Fencing Pros!