Malco Andy™ Snips are a Must Have in Your Tool Belt

14th May 2018 • Categories: Products

Spring took its sweet time arriving around most of the country this year, but now that it’s here, many HVACR, Roofing, Siding and Gutter, and Automotive body technicians have to play a little catch up with all the work coming their way. That’s a great problem to have!

One sure way for any user of hand tools to stay ahead of the game is to have a pair of Malco’s Andy™ Snips in their tool belt. Whether you’re making cuts on metal in HVACR or automotive, or metal or vinyl for roofing, siding and gutter work, Malco’s Andy Snips will make all your jobs run smoother and faster, giving you the high-quality cuts you need quickly and efficiently.

Malco Andy Snip

Malco’s Andy Snips have a sleek styling, easy blade replacement and larger handles that make them more versatile than most snips on the market. Our streamlined head design improves the user’s maneuverability, which makes for faster cuts and more efficient use of your labor time. Our line of Andy Snips is ideal for making cuts in tight material, shapes such as J-Channel. A full 3-1/4” (82.6 mm) cutting length (on the 14” snips, 3”cutting length on the 12” snips) makes straight shearing with a Malco Andy Snip fast and easy. Snip’s ground blade edge is suitable for mild curve cuts and ideal for fast, straight shearing or cutting multiple layers of sheet metal.

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Malco offers a versatile 12-inch (31 cm) long aluminum handled combination snip with knife-like edge that slices through heavy vinyl siding lockseams and other flexible non-ferrous materials with ease. Also available are 12” and 14” aluminum handled snips with heat treated cutlery grade replaceable steel blades. The Malco Andy Snips also feature snug, rounded handle loops, pressure-fit, non-riveted inset blades. Blade replacement is easily accomplished in the field.

Here’s hoping nicer spring weather has your work plate full—and remember, you’ll work faster and more efficiently with Malco’s Andy Snips in your tool belt. Our tagline is, “Work. Perform. Outlast,” and our line of Andy Snips is a shining example of that!

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