Scratch Awls

Use to scribe lines on metal, plastic and a variety of other materials. Pierce holes in wood, plastic, leather, even light gauge metal. Blades are high carbon, alloy tool steel fully polished to resist rust. Blade tapers to a fine point and may be resharpened many times. Easy-to-spot orange handles are shock and shatter resistant. Shallow fluted handles with large end bearing surface provide a sure, comfortable grip. User has choice of large diameter or regular grip handles.

Malco’s A00, A0, A10, and A20 offer a regular grip handle. The A1, A2, and A3 have large diameter handles.


• Tool steel blades are capable of being resharpened.
• Easy to spot orange handles.


Catalog #DescriptionBlade Dia. in. (mm)Blade Length in. (mm)Overall Length in. (mm)
A00Scratch Awls - Regular Grip1/8 (3.2)3 (76)5-1/2 (140)
A0Scratch Awls - Regular Grip1/8 (3.2)3 (76)6-1/4 (159)
A10Scratch Awls - Regular Grip3/16 (4.8)3-3/4 (95)7 (178)
A1Scratch Awls - Large Grip7/32 (5.6)3-1/2 (89)5-3/4 (146)
A20Scratch Awls - Regular Grip1/4 (6.4)4 (102)7-3/4 (197)
A2Scratch Awls - Large Grip1/4 (6.4)4 (102)6-1/4 (159)
A3Scratch Awls - Large Grip5/16 (7.9)5 (127)7-1/2 (191)



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Kevin W. Davis III "certified-precision"

Just the best AWL EVER
I have owned this awl for over 14 years and - I thought I lost the opportunity to get another - just in case, but I found it on Ebay and plan to get 4 more -as every equip. tech. that see's what it does for be (my daily use of it for aligning and punching small holes in sheet metal - is WOW) got to get a back up or two. These are great.