PEX Stapler for Foamboard

Malco’s FBSN Pex Stapler for Foamboard is the ideal solution for installing in-floor radiant heating. A lightweight one-piece polymer magazine stands up to any rugged job-site environment. A leaf spring controlled stop automatically adjusts to setup the staples and guide it through the fastening mechanism without risk of jamming or deforming staples. Magazine loading-strips of 25 staples are joined together with a discreet plastic weld that allows staples to separate cleanly as they are engaged by the fastening mechanism.

Specify Malco No. FBSN1 (200 qty.), 1-1/2-in. Staples for 1-in. foamboard.
Specify Malco No. FBSN2 (200 qty.), 2-1/2-in. Staples for 2-in. foamboard.

Specify Malco No. FBS1BX (300 qty.), 1-1/2-in. box of Staples for 1-in. foamboard.
Specify Malco No. FBS2BX (300 qty.), 2-1/2-in. box of Staples for 2-in. foamboard.

Convert your Malco FBSN Foamboard Stapler to also use PWS2 staples for securing a PEX layout to a wooden sub-floor, with the PWSK1 Kit. The PWSK1 Kit Sold Separately.


  • Durable Lightweight Construction.
  • Operates From A Comfortable Standing Position.
  • Smoother Stapling Action.
  • Ergonomic D-Grip Handle.
  • Cleaner Staple Feed.


Catalog #DescriptionStapler Size (mm)Replacement WeightReplacement Stand
FBSNPEX to Foamboard Stapler37" x 11 - 1/4" x 2 - 1/2" (940 x 286 x 64)FBSNWFBSNS
PWSK1Pex for Wood Converter Kit
PEX StaplesQuantityStaple Size in.(mm)
FBSN11-1/2 in.(38.1 mm) staple for 1 in. (25.4mm) foamboard2001-1/2 (38.1)
FBSN22-1/2 in. (63.5 mm) staple for 2 in. (50.8 mm) foamboard2002-1/2 (63.5)
FBS1BX1-1/2 in. (38.1 mm) box of staples for 1 in. (25.4 mm) foamboard3001-1/2 (38.1)
FBS2BX2-1/2 in. (63.5 mm) box of staple for 2 in. (50.8 mm) foamboard3002-1/2 (63.5)


Which models can the stand be added to?

Only the models with a black/polymer slide. If the slide is silver/aluminum, the stand will not work.

Which models can the weight be added to?

All models



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Robert Billing

Works great
Fast, easy, and simple to use.

Nancy Pollman

Easy to correct
What a product! Made the process fast and simple. May jam or not staple if down to last few staples, but just add more sticks of staples and then there's enough weight to make it work. Easy to correct. Holds 4 sticks of staples, if I remember right.