Offset Aviation Snips: Max2000®

Malco’s Max2000 Offset Aviation Snip’s are the premiere option for your vinyl plastic and metal cutting needs. Available in left and right cutting models.

These offset snips feature Euro-styled ergonomic handles for greater comfort. Textured, solid-colored, molded thermoplastic grips and finger stops compliment a narrower handle opening to fit large or small hands. An ambidextrous, thumb-operated handle latch and replaceable compression spring complete this user-friendly design.

Malco’s Max2000 Offset Aviation Snips feature superior hardened blade edges for “maximum” cutting life. Riveted, head-to-handle compound linkage multiplies hand leverage applied by user. Linkage will not rattle or loosen ever! And an easily adjustable pivot bolt, with nylon locking nut, holds its adjustment securely for these hard-working aviation snips.


  • Fast offset cuts in vinyl plastics, layered metal and seams.
  • Superior cutting life.
  • Compound linkage multiplies user hand leverage.
  • Adjustable pivot bolt.
  • Handles fit large or small hands.


Capacities: in (mm)

Aluminum Copper Galvanized Steel Mild Steel Stainless Steel
.062 (1.57) .054 (1.37) .054 (1.37) .048 (1.22) .038 (0.97)



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Tom Pongetti

The greatest cutters

I wish I had bought these a long time ago. Some of us thought that cheap copies were just as good. The operation and clean cutting are amazing. The old ones are now in the scrap bin!


As described

As described.


Malco makes pretty much the best sheet metal tools out there

Malco makes pretty much the best sheet metal tools out there and these are no exception. I'm an HVAC tradesman that has used every type of snip on the market and none hold up to these. The lock is easy to access from the normal hand position that you use the snips in. They will also out last any other snip out there and stay sharp. Why pay a few dollars less for a snip that is mediocre in comparison? HUH?


Five Stars

Best snips money can buy.


As described

As described.

Tim A. Denardo

Very Nice

Very well made. Heavy and sharp. I cannot tell, but I am guessing the metal is harder than most so I think the blades won't have to be sharpened too often. The handle covers are also very sturdy-I don't expect them to crack or hold stains. I like this. The spring is heavy and the latch is sturdy.


Best snips ever

Had a pair for 5 years...I cut 22 gauge metal with no problem and they still are sharp. Well worth the money.

DIY Coffey

High Quality

I have a pair of bulldog snips from home depot that aren't bad, but you can tell that these are much higher quality. They work very well. I only bought this one, not the green one and I got by just fine by turning it upside down to go down the other side.