Painted Sheet Metal Screws

High Quality Zip-in® Sheet Metal Screws, available in royal brown, musket bronze, almond, white, classic cream and clay. Available in colors to match common gutter and trim coil colors. Available in 100 pc bags.


  • 1/4″ head size
  • Popular colors
  • Package counts to fit most jobs


Catalog #DescriptionHead SizeColor
HW6x3/8ZCLPainted Sheet Metal Screw1/4Clay
HW6x3/8ZMBPainted Sheet Metal Screw1/4Musket Bronze
HW6x3/8ZRBPainted Sheet Metal Screw1/4Royal Brown
HW6x3/8ZWPainted Sheet Metal Screw1/4White
HW7x1/2ZAPainted Sheet Metal Screw1/4Almond
HW7x1/2ZCCPainted Sheet Metal Screw1/4Classic Cream
HW7x1/2ZCLPainted Sheet Metal Screw1/4Clay
HW7x1/2ZRBPainted Sheet Metal Screw1/4Royal Brown
HW7x1/2ZWPainted Sheet Metal Screw1/4White
HW8x1ZRBPainted Sheet Metal Screw1/4Royal Brown
HW8x1ZWPainted Sheet Metal Screw1/4White
HW8x3/4ZRBPainted Sheet Metal Screw1/4Royal Brown
HW8x3/4ZWPainted Sheet Metal Screw1/4White


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