Painted Rivets with Aluminum Rivet and Mandrel

Packaged in 100 piece bags. Available in white, royal brown, musket bronze, and classic cream.


  • Sold in various colors depending on the application you need.
  • Creates a strong secure connection.


Catalog #DescriptionColorHole SizeDrill No.RL (Rivet Body Length)RD (Rivet Body Diam.)HW (Rivet Head Width)HT (Rivet Head Thickness)Grip Range
AA42DCCPainted RivetsClassic Cream.125-.135#
AA42DMBPainted RivetsMusket Bronze.125-.135#
AA42DRBPainted RivetsRoyal Brown.125-.135#
AA42DWPainted RivetsWhite.125-.135#
AA44DMBPainted RivetsMusket Bronze.125-.135#30.357.
AA44DRBPainted RivetsRoyal Brown.125-.135#30.357.
AA44DWPainted RivetsWhite.125-.135#30.357.



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