28 Gauge Dampers

1/4” (6.4 mm) bearings allow bearing holes to be made in round duct with the use of a scratch awl. Squeeze pipe so that it is oval shaped. Insert damper into pre-punched bearing hole(s). Pipe will spring back to round when released. Secure with wing nut(s) provided. Damper may be adjusted with screwdriver or optional damper handle. Available with or without handles.

CAUTION: Malco Dampers are designed for forced air systems, they are not capable of being used in wood coal, or other similar systems.


  • Available with or without handles.
  • Bulk unassembled dampers available.


Catalog #DescriptionPipe DiameterBearing
Standard Dampers with Wingnuts Included, 28 Gauge (0.48mm) UNASSEMBLED
D51005 in. (127 mm)Single
D61006 in. (152 mm)Single
D6HT1006 in. (152 mm)Double
D7HT1007 in. (178 mm)Double
D8HT1008 in. (203 mm)Double
Standard Dampers with Wingnuts Included, 28 Gauge (0.48mm) PRE-ASSEMBLED
D4AST4 in. (102 mm)Single
D5AST5 in. (127 mm)Single
D6AST6 in. (152 mm)Single
D7AST7 in. (178 mm)Single
D8AST8 in. (203 mm)Single
D6HTAS6 in. (152 mm)Double
D7HTAS7 in. (178 mm)Double
D8HTAS8 in. (203 mm)Double



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