Quick Open Knife

With this quick open utility knife from Malco, blade change is fast and easy with just a turn of the knob. Extra blades store in handle. Retractable blade advances to 3 locked cutting positions with aid of thumb button. Heavy duty, die-cast knife halves feature “integrated hinge” to eliminate lost or dropped parts. Contoured knife shape features “ergonomic safety grip”. One blade supplied in retracting mechanism.


  • Top Button Action.
  • Quick change blade with the turn of a knob.
  • Extra blades can be stored within the handle.


Catalog #Description
9PKQuick Open Utility Knife
UBS5Straight Double Point Blades (5 pack carded)
UBS50Straight Double Point Blades (50 pack dispenser)
UBH5Hook Point blades (5 pack carded)



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