Fiberglass Duct Hole Cutter

The FG1 Fiberglass Duct Hole Cutter makes precise holes in ductboard for flex duct take-offs. Supplied with standard double point utility knife blade for cutting 1 ” (25.4 mm) board. USE SPECIAL No. KBHC BLADE FOR 1-1/2″ (38.1 mm) DUCTBOARD. Cuts 4″ to 20″ (102 to 508 mm) diameter holes in fiberglass ductboard. Operation is fast and easy. Cutter rotates counter clockwise on a center pivot punch. Durable extruded aluminum frame and engineering grade molded plastic and nylon components. Blade holder stores in body for safety and to protect blade from damage when not in use.


  • 1″ board can use standard utility knives blades.
  • Components can be protected when not in use.
  • Heavy Duty Components


Catalog #DescriptionHole Diameter in.(mm)Net Weight in.(mm)
FG1Fiberglass Duct Hole Cutter4 to 20 (102 to 508)7.5 (213)
12761Blade Holder
12045Blade Clamp
12047Blade Knob



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