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16th March 2010 • Categories: New Product, Max Snips

NEW NARROWER GRIP OPENINGS OF ALL MALCO MAX2000 AVIATION SNIPS fit large or small hands without sacrificing length of cut! ALL-NEW, EXCLUSIVE MAX2000 DOUBLE CUT SNIP DESIGN sets an all-new standard for performance! NEW LATCHES ON ALL MAX2000 SNIPS will not loosen or hang up!

Malco Max2000 Aviation Snips now feature all-new, molded thermoplastic gripped handles. These easy-to-spot, solid color coded grips are permanently fitted over full length steel handle shafts and offer strength, comfort and sure handling. A narrower grip opening accommodates large or small hands to maximize the powerful leverage of compound handle-to-head linkage. Another welcome handle change to all Max2000 snips is a new all-metal, one-hand-operation latch design that will not loosen or hang up with repetitive use. Max2000 hardened alloy steel blades with precision ground cutting edges ensure a minimal force cut and maximum service life. These original premier Max2000 blade designs retain the same generous cutting lengths. Sleek head and handle styling offer superior material flow and maximum maneuverability.

ALL NEW!! The Max2000 Double Cut Snip employs a best-of-all-worlds close tolerance design for consistent performance. A curved cutting edge on the center jaw reduces cutting force required, and large relief grinds on all jaws minimize drag. The double cut blades feed smoothly, cut cleanly without surface distortion, and easily navigates metal seams encountered in round metal duct and stove pipe. A self-starting point on center jaw also makes easy work of blind cuts.

Visit the Malco website for full details, specifications and close-up viewable images of the entire MAX2000 Snip line, then share your impressions here.

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