The Best Snips for Cutting Sheet Metal, Vinyl Siding & More

14th September 2020 • Categories: Products, Max Snips, AV Vertical Snips, Vinyl Siding

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Cutting through materials like metal and vinyl is no easy task…if you don’t have the best snips for the job. Malco is proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality snips that will set you up for success for years to come. Perfect for trade pros in the HVAC, building construction, or autobody industries, our snips have been expertly engineered to smoothly slice and maneuver through sheet metal, vinyl siding, aluminum, copper, landscape edging, carpet, and so much more. You can count on user-friendly features such as ergonomic grips, sleek designs, and compound linkage for maximum comfort and hand leverage. Please visit the Malco website for specific details on each of the snips that we offer. We know that you work hard, day in and day out, so don’t settle for less than the best snips for your toolkit.

A Breakdown of the Best Snips from Malco

Max2000® Aviation Snips

Back in the late 1990s, there was widespread dissatisfaction among trade pros with the aviation snips available. These old-school snips featured uncomfortable grips that were tough on hands and less effective overall. Named after the timing of the tool’s introduction, the Malco Max2000 Aviation Snips created waiting lists at dealers. These revolutionary snips have Euro-styled ergonomic handles with thermoplastic grips and finger stops to fit hands of all sizes. They also feature wide-opening jaws, superior hardened blade edges, and head-to-handle compound linkage for top performance. With classic, offset, bulldog, and double-cut models to choose from, these popular snips can make fast, controlled cuts in vinyl plastics, layered metal, and seams.

Andy® Snips

Here’s a legendary snip line that goes back decades. Malco carried on the original name when purchasing ownership rights and has since then expanded the Andy Snips line with new models and innovative features. These snips feature a sleek head design and produce a full 3” cutting length, which makes straight shearing through vinyl siding/ J-channel, aluminum, copper, or sheet metal a breeze. Pressure-fit inset blades make replacement easy while out in the field. Choose between models with classic, regular, or gripped handles in 12” or 14” lengths and with combination capabilities for ultimate flexibility.

Malco's MC14A 14" Andy Classic Snip with a black aluminum casting


AVs® Aviation Snips

Look no further for powerful snips with a superior grip or compact length for all your metal cutting needs. The classic, offset, and vertical AVs Aviation Snips feature POWER-FIT™ performance hand grips that naturally distribute pressure evenly across your hand, which results in a more natural feel and less hand fatigue. Ergonomic handguards allow users to efficiently cut into metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, and copper faster and prevent hands from slipping forward over the blades. The AVsMini snips feature a soft, non-slip grip and are ideal for cutting steel in tight or awkward spaces compared to full-sized snips. All of the AVs Aviation Snips are built to last through even the harshest conditions with heavy-duty, forged steel jaws that will consistently perform use after use.

Ultra Lightweight Snips

Engineered to withstand all types of weather conditions, Malco’s Ultra Lightweight Metal and Vinyl Cutting Snips are durable and easy to grasp while weighing less than 9 oz. Built with a strong polymer frame and razor-sharp, replaceable blades, these snips produce a long, controlled 3” cut in aluminum and steel or thick vinyl and non-ferrous materials or fabrics including trim coil. Why compromise? Get the cutting power you need in a lightweight hand tool.

Forged Steel Snips

This classic snip line rounds out Malco’s product offerings and has been a go-to option for many years. Available in regular, circular duckbill, and bulldog patterns, you can count on these Forged Steel Snips to make powerful straight line, curved, or notched cuts in sheet metal, aluminum and steel siding, plastics, and other thin materials without tearing or catching. 

forged steel snips

With so many options, how can you choose just one? Malco has plenty of snip options available for trade pros to get their jobs done efficiently, safely, and correctly the first time. Backed by over 70 years of American innovation, you can feel good about using these long-lasting snips over and over again.