1st May 2013 • Categories: New Product, Slate Cutting Tools

There are other solutions, but none so handy to use as the new slate cutter & slate punch from Malco!

The lightweight and portable Malco NSP1 Hand Punch goes anywhere on the job site to punch a clean, recessed nail hole in 4 – 8 mm natural roofing slate. A big 2-1/2-inch (63 mm) throat depth allows convenient placement of the punch tip on the flat, unfinished side of the slate to create a desirable nail hole recess on the natural finished side as it punches through.  The long lasting tool steel punch component is also replaceable.

When it comes to fitting a slate tile with a quick trim cut or cut-out around a structure, Malco’s NSC1 Hand Cutter makes easy work of these finesse tasks. The blade of this precision hand tool accurately navigates edge cuts, cleanly notches out square corners or cuts circles as tight as 4 in (102 mm) diameter.  With the flat, unfinished side of the slate facing up, the tool’s serrated high carbon steel blade securely grips the unfinished surface to make a desirable chiseled cut look from the finished side of 4 – 8 mm natural roofing slate every time.

Both the Slate Punch and Slate Cutter feature Malco REDLINE handles to ensure easy, one-hand operation including an ambidextrous thumb operated handle latch, so that there is always a free hand to control the work-piece. Ergonomic Redline handle contours plus a non-slip handle insert and optimal gripping range, provide a fit and feel for the human hand that enhances the user’s natural power stroke and powerful 7:1 leverage of compound head-to-handle linkage.

Hardened steel construction and rust-resistant nickel plate and black oxide finishes promote long service life for these professional quality tools.

Click here to link to Malco web pages for full product details and images for these tools as well as the amazing slate-cutting Malco “TurboShear”.

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