Must-Have Fencing Contractor Tools

12th September 2019 • Categories: Vinyl Fence Tools, Chain Link Fence, Fencing Tools

Best time to Install a Fence

As you probably know, the start of fall means that changing leaves, pumpkins, and bonfires are just around the corner, but it also marks the best time for homeowners to invest in a new professionally installed fence. Spring and summer are typically the busiest times of the year for fencing companies, and since there are fewer rainy days during the cooler months, the ground is less damp, so the concrete used to hold the fence posts can set properly. Additionally, fall presents an ideal opportunity for fencing contractors to update their toolkits to complete remaining projects and prepare for next year. Malco has the durable and user-friendly fencing tools that any professional needs to securely install a chain-link or vinyl fence. 

Chain-Link Fencing Contractor Tools

Fencing contractor tools - pliersFP1 Fencing Pliers

For chain-link fences, Malco’s FP1 and FP2 Fencing Pliers are a must. Available in 8- and 10-inch sizes, our legendary all-steel fencing pliers feature three serrated jaw areas, three built-in wire cutter locations, and a compact, rounded & tapered nose. 

Our FCP1 Multi-Purpose Fencing Pliers provide a combination of a hammer, wire tensioner, staple remover, wire cutter, and splicer, so you’re able to accomplish a variety of tasks with just one tool.

Fencing Contractor Tools - Hog Ring PliersHRP4 Hog Ring Pliers with Self-Feeding Magazine
Malco offers a variety of Hog Ring Pliers and accessories that will help you get the job done quickly and professionally. The HRP5 features an auto-feed magazine that ensures uninterrupted operation for installing Malco’s 9-Gauge Collated Aluminum Hog Ring Staples or 9-Gauge Collated Steel Hog Ring Staples. A 500 pack of the 9-gauge staples will secure 1,000 feet of tension wire in just a fraction of the time that other installation methods require. The HRP4 and HRP2 both have self-feeding magazines that work fast to install smaller width staples, while the HRP1 is a compact and lightweight alternative without a magazine. 

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Vinyl Fencing Contractor Tools

Fencing Contractor tools vinyl notching VFN1 Vinyl Fence Notching Tool
Don’t fret, Malco has you covered for vinyl fencing as well. Our all-steel VFN1 and VFN2 Vinyl Fence Notching Tools create ½- and 3/4-inch-wide and 7/8-inch-deep louver-shaped tabs in the end sections of vinyl fence pickets or rails. The resulting raised tabs facilitate a durable lock that prevents the picket or rail from pulling out of the joint opening during high winds or inclement weather. They also feature ergonomic RedLine Handle technology that offers a powerful 7:1 mechanical advantage of compound-leverage head to handle linkage, ensuring comfortable one-handed operation.
Vinyl Fencing SnipsULV10 Ultra Lightweight Snips
The blade on the ULV10 Ultra Lightweight Vinyl Snips features an extremely sharp knife-like bevel for smooth cutting of the thickest, hardest vinyl. These lightweight snips have protective handle loops and are easy to grasp, making it effortless to produce a long, controlled cut.
Vinyl Fence Cutting Saw BladesVCB1 Vinyl Cutting Saw Blades

Malco’s VCB1, VCB2EV, and VCB3EV Vinyl Cutting Circular Saw Blades range from 7 and ¼- to 12-inch diameters and offer ultra-smooth cutting for a range of vinyl fencing. The VCB1 is a must-have blade for portable circular saws, whereas the VCB2EV fits most power miters, and the VCB3EV has carbide-tipped teeth to provide a deeper, more efficient blade path for accurate single pass cuts in larger profile vinyl fence posts.

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Now is the time to get those fences up before winter hits and to have an updated toolkit ready to go for next year. Malco has all the fencing contractor tools you could possibly need!