25th January 2011 • Categories: Chain Link Fence, New Product, Product Introductions

Commercial grade Hog Ring Pliers with Magazine installs 9-Ga. (3.8 mm) collated aluminum rings or exclusive 9-Ga. (3.8 mm) collated steel rings.

Easily secures 7-Ga. (4.5 mm) wire to 9-Ga. (3.8 mm) chain link fence.

One of the features of the HRP5 is an auto-feed magazine that ensures uninterrupted operation.  The Malco 9-Gauge (3.8mm) Collated Aluminum Hog Rings, or Malcos’ exclusive 9-Gauge collated Steel Rings that insert quickly into the magazine, which accepts a 25-count loading strip of the collated hog rings.  The long handles will save time and effort with plenty of leverage and reach.  The plunger feed automatically sets up each ring.  There’s no need to rotate the magazine away from the fence to set the ring since the clinching mechanism brings the hog ring forward to the pliers’ nose, which then easily captures and secures the heavy 7-gauge (4.5 mm) tension wire to the 9-gauge fencing.  This unique overlap clinch design of the rings will produce a stronger connection, unmatched by any other hog ring.  A 500-pack of the 9-Gauge Hog Rings will secure 1,000 feet (305 m) of tension wire in just a fraction of the time that other installation methods require.  For safe and easy storage, just fold down the pliers’ magazine.

Malco 9-Gauge Collated Aluminum Rings, No. HRA5, are manufactured of a weather-resistant 6061-T94 or 5052-H38 alloy.  Exclusive Malco 9-Gauge Galvanized Steel Rings No. HRS5 feature a thick, weather-resistant Class 3 Coating per ASTM A641.

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