2020’s Best Tool Gifts Made for & Hand-Picked by Trade Pros

16th November 2020 • Categories: Products, Turbo Shears, AV Vertical Snips, Metal Bending, HVAC, Tool Gifts

Best Tool Gifts for the trades

With the holidays right around the corner, we’re taking a step back to reflect on the year and what we’re grateful for as a company. In efforts to extend our appreciation, our holiday campaign this year is named “Trade Fave Tools” to celebrate the trades that provide essential services to our local communities each and every day. For this year’s holiday gift guide, we collected feedback from a diverse group of trade pros on their favorite Malco tools to curate the list of featured products. If you have a special someone in your life who could use an upgrade their toolkit, these are some of the best tool gift ideas that are personally recommended by trade pros for trade pros.

Malco’s 15 BEST Tool Gifts

TurboShear® Heavy Duty
Here’s a gift that works better and faster than manual metal cutting snips. Whoever receives it can turn their power drill or smaller-bodied impact driver into an 18-gauge steel-cutting power shear. The attachment’s wide-opening jaws can operate at high or low speeds for optimum control, and the clamp collar allows the shear head to be rotated 360° and set in any position for additional flexibility.

“When I first saw the Malco TurboShear Heavy Duty, I knew how valuable it would be to own, especially for cutting metal roofing. After using this tool for a while, I purchased a second one for my helper. It has the 1/4” hex drive that allows it to be used on an impact driver. It’s one of my favorite tools I can’t be without.” —Stephen Deatrick
“Gold Standard” Sheet Metal Hole Cutter and Cutter Bits
Create circles in seconds with this unique tool gift. Versatile for a variety of metalwork, this sheet metal hole cutter installs into the chuck of any corded/cordless drill. The “gold standard” cutter bits, precision-fit bearings, and easy-adjusting pivot pin make this tool the longest-lasting and fastest solution for cutting 2”–20” diameter holes in sheet metal.

“For years, I marked a round circle before bashing in a starting point to get my left and right snips in to cut out the hole by hand. The Malco Sheet Metal Hole Cutter makes this task a breeze to accomplish with any standard drill. I love that the tool is so simple to use. It can be set up in seconds to cut a hole in under two minutes flat. My favorite thing about these is that if you are in a tight space where snips would be a pain to contort your hands and arms to get the job done, this tool fits in and can be managed a lot easier and quicker. Another great product from Malco.” —Ross Buttery
Turn a power drill into a 20-gauge metal-cutting shear with Malco’s best-selling TurboShear attachment. This classic essential revolutionized the HVAC market at the time of its release. Give a present that will effortlessly cut through sheet metal in a fraction of the time compared to using manual cutting snips.

“The TurboShear is a must-have for every HVAC truck! Whether you install or do service, having it will be a huge benefit. It’s a great tool with unbelievable cutting strength. I cut sheet metal to stainless-steel sheets with this tool. I’ve had my original TurboShear for over 15 years.” —Dave Elliott
TurboCrimper® Impact
Built to attach to an impact driver, immediately begin crimping multiple sizes, types, and thicknesses of round metal duct. Based on actual field trials, this attachment is 78% faster than using a manual sheet metal crimping tool. Whoever receives this gift will save time and effort and thank you for it.

“I picked up my TurboCrimper Impact to save time on the job and my hands from getting cramped up. I use them every time I do any sort of round pipe work. It’s super simple to use. Just hook it up to your drill and run it along the edge of the round pipe just as you would with normal hand crimpers. It leaves perfect crimps as if you had gotten it right from a supply house.” —Jeff Demassari
C-RHEX® Cleanable, Reversible Magnetic Hex Drivers 1/4″ & 5/16″
Treat them to one of our most popular, time-saving tools. Quickly change between 1/4” and 5/16” hex sizes with Malco’s exclusive, dual-sided 2”, 2-5/8”, 4”, and 6″ magnetic hex drivers. Built with an indestructible “easy-clean magnet,” sheet metal shaving buildup will be a problem of the past.

“I feel like these are a must-have the HVAC trade, whether you’re a beginning apprentice or a 30-year, seasoned tech like myself. I always have at least one in my pocket at all times. Truly a revolutionary product!” —Dave Elliott
Andy® Classic Aluminum Handled Combination Snips 14″
These timeless combination snips are a perfect gift for the handy one in your life. Ideal for cutting vinyl siding, aluminum, copper, or sheet metal, the sleek head design allows for maximum maneuverability for left, right, and straight cuts.

“Had this pair for three years. Great for onsite metal fabrication. Clean edges and cuts on sheet metal with no fish hooks. Haven’t changed the blades at all, and they’re still sharp. These snips are a must-have for sheet metal work.” —Michael Flynn
Tool Backpack
Malco’s tool backpack is a handy present that will help the recipient easily organize, protect, and transport all of their tools. Made to withstand heavy loads and everyday usage, this essential backpack features 33 pockets and comfortable wide-padded shoulder straps that will help save their neck and back.

“This lightweight backpack holds all my hand tools and keeps them protected from the elements. It’s very easy to carry and use when going up and down ladders. Love it!!!” —Felix Hernandez
Hand Seamer with Forged Jaws 6″
Here’s a nifty gift that allows the user to bend, fold, flatten, and straighten sheet metal edges or safely grip and move sheet metal around the job site. The drop-forged, high-impact jaws feature depth markings graduated in ¼” increments and are complemented by a powerful compound leverage design, as well as user-friendly RedLine® Handles.

“My Malco Hand Seamer is another must-have tool for flattening and straightening out mistakes or bends in sheet metal. They’re also used for squeezing down end caps to ensure a tight fit before punching the cap on. These seamers are some of the nicest ones I’ve used. I’ve been using this particular pair for a few years now with no problems at all.” —Ross Buttery
AVs® Left- and Right-Cutting Vertical Aviation Snips
(AV8 & AV9)
Set at a 90-degree angle to allow easy gripping when cutting sheet metal in tight spaces or overhead, these vertical aviation snips feature POWER-FIT™ performance hand grips that naturally distribute pressure evenly across your hand. This tool gift is built to last through even the harshest conditions with heavy-duty, forged steel jaws that will consistently perform use after use.

“I have this set of snips in my tool pouch with me every single day. I love everything about them. The POWER-FIT performance grips make the tools comfortable to hold on to and takes stress off of my hands. The placement of the hand guards is perfect, and the forged-steel jaws grip the sheet metal and cuts it with ease.” —Caio Torres
Max2000® Aviation Snips
(M2001 & M2002)
Look no further for the ultimate, versatile present. Built to make fast, controlled cuts in vinyl plastics, layered metal, and seams, these revolutionary snips have Euro-styled ergonomic handles with thermoplastic grips and finger stops to fit hands of all sizes. They also feature wide-opening jaws, superior hardened blade edges, and head-to-handle compound linkage for top performance.

“No tin knocker is ever truly complete without a good pair of left and right aviation snips. When opening a hole in a piece of duct or just cutting notches in metal, these snips are essential to a seasoned fabricator or HVAC tradesman/woman. I bounced around from brand to brand until I landed upon the Malco Max2000s. They are a dream to wield for over eight hours a day. No more blisters and sore hands, just pure bliss, as these snips slice the metal like butter. I’ve been using them for the last four years, and I would never go back to anything else. Another great tool by Malco that makes money and makes me happy.” —Ross Buttery
5-Blade Sheet Metal Crimper
Malco’s 5-Blade Sheet Metal Crimper creates long and shallow double crimps on round duct and stovepipe, which results in a tighter-fitting and self-supporting connection. Gift this essential HVAC installation tool that has an ergonomic RedLine® Handle, nickel plating to resist corrosion, and hardened steel for optimum strength.

“This is always in my tool pouch for every single ductwork job. I love the comfortable grip that it has and the leverage mechanism, making the tool easy to use. It has never broken or fell apart and has always stayed very smooth with minimal maintenance. This is the only crimper I have ever owned. It’s been with me since I started the trade six years ago, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be replaced any time soon.” —Caio Torres
Vinyl Grip Setting Hammer
Here’s a durable and functional gift that they’ll frequently use. This sheet metal hammer has a full-polished head with beveled face and pein that are corrosion resistant, making the tool last longer and work better. The vinyl grip minimizes recoil, while also being comfortable to use.

“I love my Malco Sheet Metal Setting Hammer. The balance and comfort of the handle makes it so easy to use all day. I prefer the vinyl grip myself and have been super happy with the tool for the three years I’ve had it.” —Dave Elliott
Bulldog Pattern Forged Steel Snips
This classic snip has been a go-to gift option for decades. Users can count on these Bulldog Pattern Snips to make powerful straight cuts and notches in sheet metal, aluminum and steel siding, plastics, and other thin materials without tearing or catching.

“I honestly can’t imagine a day going by without my M15 Snips in hand. These vintage Malco cutters have been in my shop and family for over 18 years. We cut 26-gauge galvanized steel every single day. We primarily use them to slice 4-foot sections in half or in the layout process when making ductwork. These are our powerhouse work horses of the shop. I love how smooth and straight they cut, but they also can bite down hard and chop through some of the tougher metals as well. I am so happy and blessed they have lasted this many years. I hope one day to be able to pass them down to another tin knocker that will fill my shoes.” —Ross Buttery
Sheet Metal Folding Tools
(18F & 24F)
Ideal for bending and forming metal for various applications, the 18F and 24F Sheet Metal Folding Tools are 18” and 24” long to create a more uniform fold. The 24F also doubles as a mini-brake for roofing and siding applications. These tools are made with a superior design and includes handy sight holes to ensure proper depth alignment. It’s a simple but useful trade pro gift.

“These help make sheet metal bends easier with ductwork, plenums, and return boxes. Folding bars are the way to go. I use them to get that perfect 1″ and 1/2″ fold when doing metal work. I’ve had my folding bars for about 4 years, and they always make my metal look perfect!” —Jeff Demassari
Offset Duct Stretcher
Featuring an anodized aluminum body and large vinyl cushion grips, Malco’s Offset Duct Stretcher is designed to hold duct in place with one hand while slipping drive cleat in place with the other hand. The offset handle eliminates knuckle contact, while additional spacing holes allow adjustment of wheels for greater distances. It’s a handy present for any HVAC pro.

“This duct stretcher is useful because it can pull two pieces of duct together so that you can get your drives in a lot easier. The fact that it is offset allows your hand to fit in between the metal duct and around tight spots.” —Jon Abraham

With some of these best tool gifts in mind, you can plan ahead for this cheery time of year. If you’ve got a handy one on your shopping list, give them something they’ll use and appreciate for years to come. On behalf of Malco, we hope that you have a happy and safe holiday season!