13 Father’s Day Tool Gift Ideas

10th May 2019 • Categories: Products, Connext-Handles, Chain Link Fence, HVAC

Malco Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas

Malco understands that finding the perfect present for dad can be a difficult task, so we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up a must-have list of 13 useful and quality Father’s Day tool gift ideas that are sure to impress your beloved handyman or trade professional.


Father’s Day Tool Gift Ideas:


6″ C-RHEX Dual-Sided Magnetic Hex Driver

Father's Day Tool Gift Idea C-RHEX

Treat dad to our popular magnetic hex driver! Quickly change between 1/4” and 5/16” hex sizes and reach hard-to-access points with Malco’s unique, exclusive, dual-sided 6” magnetic hex driver. Eliminate troublesome buildup of sheet metal shavings in the hex tip with the “easy-clean magnet.” Just swipe with a glove or shop towel to clear any metal shavings!

“I have 2-3 in each length available and love them! It’s extremely handy to switch sizes and so nice to be able to remove the head and clean those metal shavings off the magnet!” Comment from Instagram follower @completecomforthvac



Tool Backpack

Malco’s tool backpack will help dad to easily organize, protect, and transport all of his tools. Made to withstand heavy loads and everyday usage, this essential backpack features 33 pockets and comfortable wide-padded shoulder straps that will help save his neck and back.
Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas Tool Backpack


4IN1 Multi-Socket Nut Driver

Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas 4in1
This versatile, compact, multi-socket nut driver is a great Father’s Day tool gift idea because it has a comfortable, non-slip 3-lobe handle and telescoping driver shafts that provide two hex sockets at each end of the handle for a total of four hex sizes, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, and 7/16”. It’s a perfect gift that will fit in any pocket or pouch.


TurboShear® Heavy Duty Sheet Metal Cutting Tool Attachment

Have dad experience the difference with this tool that works better and faster than manual sheet metal cutting snips! Turn his power drill or smaller-bodied impact driver into an 18-gauge sheet metal cutting power shear. The attachment’s wide-opening jaws can operate at high or low speeds for optimum control and it has the capability to make fast straight, curved, or square cuts in most common sheet metals.

“That shear is amazing, I have owned mine for 11 years and have changed the blades once. Thank you.” Comment from Instagram follower @akalhvac


Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas TurboShear HD


Andy Multiple Purpose Snips MV12

Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas MV12
These durable and lightweight snips feature a knife-like cutting edge to produce a smooth slicing action for easy one-handed operation. Effortlessly make straight cuts or left or right circular cuts in a variety of non-ferrous materials, including heavy-grade vinyl siding, aluminum trim coil, landscape edging, vinyl flooring, carpeting, and leather. Give this versatile gift that he’s sure to use time and time again.


Writable Measuring Tape

You can’t go wrong with this essential tool for dad. Measure faster, easier, and with greater accuracy. Use a pencil to note your measurement on the large writable case surface.
father's day tool gift ideas measuring tape


Aviation “Mini” Snips – Left and Right Cutting Offset

Father's Day tool gift ideas AVs Mini Snips

These two snips are ideal for sharp/curved angle and tight circle cuts in sheet metal and can easily work in tight spaces where full-size aviation snips are challenged. He will surely appreciate the cutting accuracy with this compact tool.

“These snips really come in handy. Definitely worth getting a pair.” Comment from Instagram follower @thirdgentin



Ultra-Lightweight Metal Cutting Snips ULC10

Built with a 10-inch polymer frame, these easy-to-grasp ULC10 snips are an ideal Father’s Day tool gift idea that offers a light, yet powerful option for making controlled cuts in aluminum and 26-gauge steel.
Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas ULC10



Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas TS1
Turn his power drill into a 20-gauge metal cutting shear with Malco’s original TurboShear® attachment. Help dad effortlessly cut through sheet metal in a fraction of the time compared to using manual cutting snips.


TurboCrimper® Impact

Made to attach to an impact driver, immediately begin crimping multiple sizes, types, and thicknesses of round metal duct (including spiral duct and metal stove pipe). Based on actual field trials, this attachment is 78% faster than using a manual sheet metal crimping tool. He will save time and effort and thank you for it!

“This thing freaking rocks!! Use it almost every day.” Comment from Facebook follower Travis J.


Father's Day Tool Gift IdeasTurboCrimper


8″ and 10″ Fencing Pliers

Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas FP1
Does dad need a new fencing tool? These hardened all-steel fencing pliers are available in two sizes and feature three serrated jaw areas for easy gripping, pulling, and tying fence wire. A compact, rounded, and tapered nose allows for easy entry and reach into tight areas, while textured handle surfaces promote control.


3″ and 12″ Impact Grade Quick-Change Extension Bits

Made to work with a drill, impact driver, or Malco’s CONNEXT® Handles, securely extend the reach of any 1/4-inch hex shank driver an extra 3 or 12 inches. The impact-grade steel construction makes these bits a reliable and durable HVAC essential he’ll appreciate.
Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas Extension Bits


Conformable Sander

Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas Conformable Sander

Give an innovative gift unlike anything else on the market for the dad who loves to work on cars. Unlike common, static sanding blocks, these sanders are the first reusable, flexible sanding block that holds a hand-pressed contour throughout the entire sanding process. Easily grasp the contours of the tool to reduce fatigue and ensure even-pressure sanding.

“My husband loves your flexible sanders and tongs. He does metal fabrication and auto body for fun on the weekends. He is now teaching our 7-year-old daughter who loves every minute. Thank you and keep making your amazing products!” 5-Star Review from Mandy on the Malco Website


Show how much you care by gifting dad a great tool to help him save time and effort when working on a job site, handyman tasks, or a weekend DIY project. With these Father’s Day tool gift ideas in mind, give a present that he’ll cherish and use for years to come!