10 Power Drill Attachments to Quickly Cut Sheet Metal, Siding, Roofing & Autobody Panels

4th October 2022 • Categories: Turbo Shears, Slate Cutting Tools, Fencing Tools, Backerboard, Fiber Cement, Vinyl Siding, Sheet Metal Tools

10 must have power drill attachments

Transform your drill or impact driver into a power shear with Malco’s range of TurboShear® attachments! Whether you are installing an HVAC system, replacing shingles on a roof, updating the siding on a house, or working in an autobody shop, using power drill attachments to cut materials instead of manual snips can help you save valuable time and energy. Even better, most TurboShear models feature a clamp collar that allows the shear head to be rotated 360° and set in any position for additional flexibility and tool clearance. Wide-opening jaws can operate at high or low speeds for complete control to follow a precise cut line. Numerous pneumatic options are also available. Get your job done faster and more efficiently with these Malco tools that are engineered to perform for multiple industries and applications.

Must-Have Malco TurboShear Power Drill Attachments


Cut Metal with Minimal Effort


The Malco TurboShear Corrugated Metal Tool.

TurboShear Heavy Duty (TSHD)

Say hello to one of Malco’s most versatile power drill attachments. Cut up to thick 18-gauge metal with the best-selling TSHD. Get optimum control to make fast straight, curved, or square cuts in most common sheet metals, layered metal and seams, and even the ribs of spiral duct.

The Malco TurboShear Tool.

TurboShear (TS1)

Turn your power drill into a 20-gauge, metal-cutting shear with Malco’s original TurboShear attachment. This classic essential revolutionized the HVAC market at the time of its release in 2003. Even without the 360° rotating collar, you can effortlessly cut through sheet metal in a fraction of the time compared to using manual snips.

The Malco TurboShear Double Cut Tool.

TurboShear Double Cut (TSMD)

Need a double cut for the job? Here’s a durable double-cutting power drill attachment with smooth one-handed operation. The blades can approach a cut from either end to remove a narrow spiral scrap from the tool path to produce a clean, straight edge on both sides of the cut. Navigate up to 90° outside profiles of metal ductwork and cut through seams with ease.


Slice Into Sliding & Roofing


The Malco TurboShear Vinyl Siding tool

TurboShear Vinyl Siding (TSV1)

Get the vinyl-cutting power you need in a lightweight package. Whether you want to make fast straight cuts, circles, or squares in 0.055” (1.4 mm) vinyl siding, Malco’s TSV1 attachment features a knife-like beveled blade edge that quickly penetrates the lock seam edge with ease to cut any shape you need.

The Malco TurboShear Fiber Cement Siding tool.

TurboShear Fiber Cement Siding (TSF1)

Make fast, accurate cuts in fiber cement siding and navigate curved-pattern cuts for window and door arches with the TSF1. A wide skid plate on the head design stabilizes cutting action for extra-smooth results in 5/16” (7.9 mm) fiber cement siding board. One blade and skid plate set will last an average of 30 residential siding projects.

The Malco TurboShear Backer Board Tool.

TurboShear Backer Board (TSF2)

This specialty attachment can slice through ½” (12.7 mm) fiber cement backer board. It’s an ideal replacement for messy, imprecise scoring and snapping methods of trimming backer board. This versatile shear navigates curved-pattern cuts for window and door arches and will also cut 5/16” (8 mm) fiber cement siding plank.

The Malco TurboShear Slate Tool

TurboShear Slate (TSNS1)

Cut thousands of linear feet of natural roofing slate quickly and easily. An operating speed of 1,400 to 2,000 RPM ensures optimal performance and control for making fast straight, angled, or curved cuts in 4mm to 8mm natural roofing slate. Cutting slate with the finished side up produces an authentic-looking, hand-cut appearance, and a padded skid plate prevents scratches to the exposed slate finish.

The Malco TurboShear Corrugated Metal Tool.

TurboShear Corrugated Metal (TSCM)

Corrugated metal has met its match. Malco’s top-rated TSCM works better and faster than manual metal roofing shears. Make smooth cross, lengthwise, circular, and square outlet cuts in 30- to 24-gauge corrugated and common trapezoidal (box) pattern metal roofing panels.

The Malco TurboShear Asphalt Shingle Tool.

TurboShear Asphalt Shingle (TSS1)

Slice through asphalt shingles in no time. The TSS1 attachment makes quick, clean trim cuts in ½” (12.7 mm) asphalt shingles along a roof valley or tight left square cuts and circles to fit around utility outlets. An extra-wide jaw opening with a beveled lead-in tip on the upper blade accommodates multiple shingle layers, while the flat lower blade offers exceptional operator control.


Power Through Autobody Panels


The Malco TurboShear Automotive Heavy Duty Tool.

TurboShear Automotive Heavy Duty (TSHD1)

Cut through sturdy 18-gauge automotive steel with minimal force and one-handed operation. The TSHD1 can follow a straight line or left curved or square patterns in tight spaces. A wide jaw opening navigates cuts in autobody panels and profiles, including layered metal, rocker panels, and plastic bumpers.

With these power drill attachments, set yourself up for success for all your future cutting projects. Not only will you save time and energy, but these ergonomically designed turbo tools are user-friendly and ultra-comfortable to use, day in and day out.