Universal Oil Filter Wrench

Quickly remove over tightened and hard-to-reach oil filters with Malco’s magnetic powered Universal Oil Filter Wrench. This Filter wrench is made with three spring loaded arms that offer a stronger, more secure grip than other three jaw wrenches. Arms tighten enough to resist slipping for a less frustrating oil change experience. A Universal design allows for removal of popular oil filter sizes from 2.36” to 3.66” (60mm to 93mm). A supportive magnetic design means no more pesky filters being dropped and tools coming lose during oil filter removal. The compact, lightweight design makes this the perfect tool for use in hard-to-reach areas.

Note: Malco’s Universal Oil Filter Wrench is only capable of loosening and removing oil filters.


  • Universal Design of the Malco three jaw oil filter wrench is capable of adjusting to popular oil filter sizes from 2.36″ to 3.66″ (60 mm to 93 mm).
  • Supportive magnetic design located on the body of the tool provides support by keeping the tool in place when removing oil filters.
  • Three spring loaded arms offer a stronger, more secure grip than other three jaw oil filters.
  • Convenient compact design provides a small lightweight tool for easier use in hard-to-reach engines.


Catalog #DescriptionMagnetSpringMaterialsCapacityWeight lb (oz)
UFWMUniversal Oil Filter Wrench with 3 spring arms and magnetic base3 magnets on baseSpring loaded armsMade with material steel, nickel plated, and phosphatizing finishOil filter sizes 2.4" to 3.6" (60 mm to 93 mm).5 (8)


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