TurboShear® – Backer Board Shear, Pneumatic

Use AIR PRESSURE for unstoppable shearing power in backer board! Combined with Malco’s unique TurboShearFC design, the TSF2A is the ultimate tool for those who want to make quick, clean cuts in backer board including window and door arches!  Compatible with standard on-the-job or in-the-shop air supply set-ups.  Also cuts fiber cement siding.  Long wearing blades are easily replaced on the job.


Catalog #DescriptionPSIBarCFML / minClearance
TSF2ATurboShear Fiber Cement Backer Board, Pneumatic906.2413345u00b0
TSF2RBReplacement blades for TSF2 and TSF2A


Capacities: Inches (mm)

Fiber Cement Backer Board
1/2 (13)

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