TurboShear® – Asphalt Shingle Cutter Drill Attachment

Malco’s Asphalt Shingle Cutter quickly attaches to a corded or cordless drill to Make fast, clean, trim cuts in asphalt shingles along a roof valley, or tight left square cuts and circles to fit around utility outlets.

An extra-wide jaw opening with beveled lead-in tip on the upper blade accommodates multiple shingle layers. A wide, flat, lower blade offers exceptional operator control. The cutting blades are made with heat-treated carbon steel, with solid carbide inserts, which hold their edge longer in any life-rated shingle or shingle thickness. lateral blade adjustment capabilities ensure that optimum cutting performance and maneuverability can be maintained for the life of the blades. Blades on the shingle cutter are replaceable and easy to install on the job.

The sleek, lightweight aluminum cast shear head and molded drill clamp of the asphalt shingle cutter allows maximum portability and ease to go wherever the work is. The patented compact telescoping drill clamp adjusts to fit both length and width of popular drill sizes, including smaller bodied impact drivers. Optional spacers are stored on clamp for large motor housings. A clamp collar allows the shear head to be rotated 360° and set in any position for optimum tool clearance when navigating roof lines or to facilitate easy material flow.

Drill Clamp Patent #9,649,702


  • Fits cordless drills such as an impact.
  • Cuts straight and left for various shapes needed for roofing applications.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry up a ladder.
  • Telescoping drill clamp for adjustable fit.
  • Wide Jaw opening for easier cutting capabilities.
  • Long lasting blades for continual use on abrasive asphalt shingles.
  • Easy blade replacement on the job-site.


Catalog #DescriptionNet Wt.
TSS1TurboShear Asphalt Shingle Cutter2.3 lbs. (1.04 kg)
TSS1CEVTSS1 with Carrying Case4.32 lbs. (1.96 kg)
TSS1RBEVReplacement blades for TSS1 and TSS1A--
TSCGReplacement Chuck Guard--
TSDCTelescoping Drill Clamp*--


Capacities: in (mm)

Asphalt Shingles
1/2 (12.7)

*Compatible with all current and pre-existing Malco TurboShears in the market.

Drill Requirements: Min 1/4 in. (6.35mm) Chuck, Min 14.4 V-DC/Max 7 A-AC


What materials will the turbo shear cut?

TSS1 – The Turboshear is rated to cut up to 1/2″ (13mm) of asphalt shingles.

How clean is the cut?

The Turboshear shingle cutter will make clean cuts throughout the range of thicknesses of material listed above. The tool will need to be adjusted when going from very thin to thick material and vice versa.

How do you adjust the tool to get the optimum cut?

TSS1 – The clearance between the cutting jaws is adjustable in order to achieve the optimum cut for thick or thin material. To adjust, locate the 3/16” set screw on the back of the tool, towards the front of the tool near the jaws. Turn it clockwise to tighten the gap of the jaws for thinner material or counterclockwise to make the gap of the jaws larger for thicker material.

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