Cable Tie Tensioning Tool with Auto Cut Off

Malco’s TY6 Tie Tensioning Tool is designed for heavy users of nylon cable ties, and is a more efficient, higher quality alternative to installing flexible duct to take offs.

Malco’s TY6 Cable Tie Tensioning Tool features an adjustment knob that allows an installer to set a desired tension for securing flex duct to a take-off collar. When the tie is tight, a breakaway spring mechanism releases the tool’s lower handle, which causes a blade to engage and automatically cut off the excess tail of the nylon tie. No extra operation for manual trimming is required. Operating Malco’s TY6 Tie Tensioning Tool is also easy on the installer. Contoured handles, with stops, are easier to grasp. Furthermore, the smooth lever action and vinyl cushion grips minimize hand and arm fatigue on big jobs. A hardened Steel body, long wearing parts, and a weather resistant nickel chrome finish ensure many years of dependable service.

The TY6 and all other Malco Cable Tie Tools are designed to work on standard 175 Ib. ties as well as thinner 125 Ib. ties.

For the best quality, use Malco’s Adjustable Nylon Ties when installing fiberglass flex duct.

Attention: Do not over-tighten. Adjust knob only with fingers.


  • Hardened Steel Stampings.
  • Nickel Chrome Finish.
  • Vinyl Cushion Grips with hand stops.
  • Tensioning Adjustment Knob.
  • Automatic Cut-Off Mechanism.




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Jose Roman

Great tool

It work very good on heavy duty cable tights, good on small places, good quality build tool safe the day!!