Spot Weld Cutter Kit

A complete spot weld removal solution consisting of a 3/8-in. Cutter Assembly, five Replacement Cutter Bits, a Replacement Center Drill and a 5/16-in. Cobalt Drill Bit.

The cutter component includes a double-ended bit, centering drill and non-slip hex shank.  The long-life bit threads onto the hex shank and is quickly reversible.  A center drill inserts into the shank and is held securely with a set screw.  This non-walking drill point pin keeps the cutter centered over the spot weld.  Cutter bit and center drill are also easily replaceable on the job.

A cobalt, steel drill bit option features a self-centering, non-walking, shallow design.  Removal of spot welds by this method is accomplished without drilling through both joined metal panels.  The squared-off drill bit tip leaves a precise, clean hole only in the panel to be removed.  Remaining panel requires minimal surface grinding.

Kit components are also available separately.  User may opt for single solutions, with the availability of separate Spot Weld Cutters and Spot Weld Cobalt Drills, or use available components and a Replacement Kit of Cutter Bits and Center Drill to keep the Spot Weld Removal Kit whole.


  • A complete solution
  • Cutter and Cobalt Drill components and parts
  • Kit components also available separately



What size allen wrench is the set screw for making adjustments?
The SW1 uses a 1/16″ allen wrench to adjust the setting screw.

Does running the drill in reverse damage the bit?
If the 5/16th inch spot weld drill is run in reverse it will not damage the bit, but it will not cut properly.
If the 3/8th inch spot weld cutter is run in reverse it will not damage the teeth of the cutter. However, it will not cut properly and it could cause the threaded cutter barrel to unscrew from the holder.

How do you know when you have drilled through the spot weld?
Typically you can feel the material give as you cut through. However, you will want to stop and check by using a screwdriver or pry bar to apply light pressure between the panels to verify you have cut through. It is better to stop and check periodically rather than keep drilling.

Do the bits need to be oiled?
It is not required, but it is recommended that a light oil or spray lubricant be used when cutting with these tools. The lubricant should be applied to the area being cut prior to the tool being applied. It will promote faster cutting and extend the life of the tools.

Is the distance that the center bit sticks out of the spot weld cutter adjustable?
Yes, it is. Loosen the set screw on the side of the holder, adjust the bit to the desired length, and re-tighten the set screw.

Will the bits work on Boron steel?
No, they are not designed for this material.



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Great product!

Great delivery, came in on time, perfect condition, and the case is nice and strong. Tools work great, perfect for spot weld cutting and easy to clean and maintain.