Single Crimper – Gutter Downspout

Light duty tool without grips. Makes a single crimp for downsizing aluminum downspouts.


  • Light duty option for crimping downspouts.
  • Compact and fits easily in a tool bag.


Catalog #DescriptionThroat Depth in. (mm)Length in. (mm)Net Weight oz. (g)
SC2Single Crimper1-1/8 (28.6)8 (203)8 (227)



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Consumer Advocate

Says it is a sturdy little tool
Ordered this for my husband. He really likes it. Says it is a sturdy little tool.

James G Mangold

Good for Price
I just wanted a one time tool and this fit the bill. My only issue was the throat length was a bit short as compared with crimped downspouts from the home centers. But it worked fine.

Nicholas L. Mello "greenjeens"

Best for round downspout crimping
These are great for round downspouts. Beats any alternative that I've used as a15 yr veteran of the gutter industry.