PEX Stapler for Wood and Foam Board

The Malco PWS1 Pex Stapler for Wood and Foam Board is the perfect tool for installing in-floor radiant heating. This easy-loading and portable manual stapler includes a magazine feed and operates from a standing position to quickly secure a layout of PEX pipe to a wooden sub-floor or foam board base.

The stapler head holds the PEX in place as staples are fed, via a non-stick polymer slide, to the plunger assembly. The durable, lightweight magazine slide is made of a solid, one-piece engineered-polymer which balances the tool by directing the weight over the stapler head. Loading strips of 25 staples are joined together flush with a clean plastic weld to further enhance smooth stapling action.

Exclusive Malco plastic staple designs easily secure layouts of 3/8 or 1/2-in. (9.5 or 12.7 mm) PEX.

Foam Board Staples feature dual barbs for increased bite and superior holding power.  Additional barbs on the 2-1/2-in (63.5 mm) staple double the holding power in 2-in (50.8 mm) foam board.

The PEX to Wood Staple PWS2 features two .083 x 3/4-in. ring-shank stainless steel nails for superior pull strength in a wooden sub-floor.

Specify Malco FBSN1, 1-1/2-in. Staples for 1-in. foam board.
Specify Malco FBSN2, 2 -1/2-in. Staples for 2-in. foam board.


  • Durable Lightweight Construction
  • Exclusive Malco Staple Designs For Wood and Foam Board
  • Operates From A Comfortable Standing Position
  • Smooth Non-Jamming Action
  • Fast, Easy, One-Handed, One Stroke Stapling
  • Ergonomic D-Grip Handle



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