Impact Grade Quick-Change Extension Bits

Extend the reach of any 1/4-inch hex shank driver an extra 3, 6, 10 or 12inch increment with a Quick-Change Malco Extension Bit. All bit extensions have a fast and easy push-in style receiver, with 3 ball bearing detents that holds any 1/4-inch hex shank power groove or insert bit securely. The impact grade steel construction make these a reliable and durable tool to use on the jobsite. All of these Impact Grade Extension Bits work with a drill, impact driver, or our popular Malco CONNEXT1, CONNEXT2, and CONNEXT3 (Ratcheting) Handles.

CAUTION: Do not combine extension bits. Doing so can result in damage to the tool or injury to user.


  • Extra reach for 1/4-inch hex shank bits.
  • 3, 6, 10 and 12-inch lengths.
  • Quick-Change push-in style receiver.
  • Impact-Grade steel construction.
  • Works with a drill, impact driver or CONNEXT driver handle you already own.


Catalog #DescriptionHex Opening in.Shank Dia. in. (mm)Nose Dia. in. (mm)Overall Length in. (mm)
BHE33 in. Extension Bit1/41/4 (6)9/16 (14)3 (76)
BHE66 in. Extension Bit1/41/4 (6)9/16 (14)6 (152)
BHE1010 in. Extension Bit1/41/4 (6)9/16 (14)10 (254)
BHE1212 in. Extension Bit1/41/4 (6)9/16 (14)12 (305)



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