Copper Tube Cutter

Malco’s TC312 and TC274 Copper Tube Cutters are made for cutting hard or soft copper tubing. These cutters make clean, right-angle cuts that produce no burrs or chips that would otherwise clog tubing. Both models feature a ball bearing feed, flare cut-off groove, retractable reamer, and spare cutting wheel.

Conforms to federal specification GGG-C771d 1-31-64. Type II, Class 1, Style B.


  • Spare Cutting Wheel.
  • Retractable Reamer.
  • Flare Cut-Off Groove.
  • Ball Bearing Feed.
  • Rugged aluminum alloy body designed for easy handling. 


Catalog #DescriptionTubing O.D in. (mm)Nominal Sizes in.
TC274Tube Cutter1/8 to 1-1/8 (3.2 to 28.6 )1/8 to 1
TC312Tube Cutter1/4 to 1-5/8 (6.4 to 41.3 )1/8 to 1-1/2
RW274Cutting wheel for TC274, TC312, TC174
75046Cutting wheel for stainless fits TC274, TC312 and TC174
274TCSCutting wheel screw for TC274, TC312, TC174



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