Conformable Sander

Now you can sand precise auto body contours fast and easy. The Malco Conformable Sander is the first re-usable flexible sanding block that holds a hand-pressed contour throughout the entire sanding operation. A unique segmented block design quickly conforms to curved geometry down to an 8-1/2 inch (216 mm) inside block radius, to produce convex, concave or S-curve contours. An internal aluminum memory bar holds the desired contour shape in place for sanding and can be set and re-set with reasonable hand force. The ability to easily grasp the generous contours of this flexible sanding block helps reduce fatigue and ensures even-pressure sanding.

The Conformable Sander uses standard 2-3/4 inch (70 mm) wide hook and loop backed abrasive paper. A thin, ultra-flexible, paper-slide interface allows the block contour to be changed without buckling or tearing the paper. There is no need to re-position the paper, change the block contour, or remove the slide when changing out the paper grit or replacing worn paper. The slide accepts standard paper tear-off increments. Both the engineered polymer block and slide are impervious to shop solvents and will not mar or scratch the auto body surface. Inexpensive paper-slides are a replaceable part and available in handy 3-packs.

If you are in the market for a flexible sanding block, consider giving Malco’s Conformable Sander a try. If you aren’t sold yet, why not check out our product spotlight on Tool Barn’s Barn Banter.


  • Conforms to and holds contour shapes.
  • Flexible sanding block can be set and reset by hand.
  • Generous gripping area for even pressure sanding.
  • Flexible slide interface prevents buckling or tearing of abrasive paper.
  • Non-marring block and slide are impervious to solvents.
  • Replacement paper-slide is available in a handy 3-pack.


Catalog #DescriptionSanding Length in (mm)Paper RequirementsPaper-Slide LxW Dim.u2019sNom. Block LxWxH Dim.u2019sNet Weight oz (g)Replacement Slide 3-Pk No.
Conformable Sander Blocks
CSH5Conformable Sander Block - 5in.5-1/2 (140)2-3/4 W (70) Hook & Loop5-1/2X2-3/4 (140X70)5-12X2-3/4X2-1/4 (140X70X57)7.1 (201)CSH5S
CSH8Conformable Sander Block - 8in.8-1/4 (210)2-3/4 W (70) Hook & Loop8-1/4X2-3/4 (210X70)8-1/4X2-3/4X2-1/4 (210X70X57)10.5 (298)CSH8S
Replacement Slides
CSH5SUse with: CSH5--2-3/4 W (70) Hook & Loop5-1/2X2-3/4 (140X70)------
CSH8SUse with: CSH8--2-3/4 W (70) Hook & Loop8-1/4X2-3/4 (210X70)------


Can the slide be put on backwards?

You can try, but it won’t lay flat or work properly.

How do you clean the block?

The block can be cleaned with an air hose.

Can the block be exposed to water?

Yes. The engineered polymer block and slide are impervious to shop solvents and will not mar or scratch the auto body surface.

Can the block bend too far and break?

Yes, but this requires excessive force.

What is the life of the block?

Minimum of 500 shape changes.

How do you know when you need a new slide?

A new slide will need to be purchased when it will not lock into place, or when the slide lets loose from the block.

Are these offered in kits?

No, only individual SKUs.

Where are these products made?


Can any kind of sand paper be used?

Yes, as long as it is hook and loop sand paper.

What will happen if adhesive sand paper is used?

It will leave a residue on the slide and if the residue is unable to be removed, a new slide may need to be purchased.

It won’t stick very well to the “loop” surface.



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Automotive Sander and Tongs
My husband loves your flexible sanders and tongs. He does metal fabrication and auto body for fun on the weekends. He is now teaching our 7 year old daughter who loves every minute. Thank you, and keep making your amazing products!

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