Axial Weld-Bonding Pliers


Malco’s Weld-Bonding Axial Pliers make welding and securing different types of joints easier for metal workers, autobody technicians, and sheet metal fabricators. Malco’s Weld-Bonding Pliers are made to fit and operate in tight, narrow, and hard to access spaces. The pliers are also easy to use by providing an easy one-hand clamping operation and one-finger release trigger. In addition, the forged steel construction and durable finish helps to extend tool life and resist welding splatter.

Malco’s Axial Weld-Bonding Pliers are offered in six different options. Each design is made to help specific pain points when welding materials together. A kit option is also available and includes all six different pliers in a durable grab-and-go hard-shell case.

You can learn more about each plier by viewing the diagram listed in the features section below.





  • Eliminate provisional welding.
  • Straight line axial motion allows versatile offset clamping.
  • One hand clamping operation and release is fast and easy.
  • Forged steel construction extends tool life.
  • Durable finishes resist welding splatter.


Catalog #DescriptionThread Depth in. (mm)
WPAJJ-Type Axial Weld Bonding Pliers5/8 (15.9)
WPAJJJJ-Type Axial Weld Bonding Pliers1-1/4 (31.8)
WPALL-Type Axial Weld Bonding Pliers1/2 (12.7)
WPALLLL-Type Axial Weld Bonding Pliers1-1/4 (32.8)
WPATT-Type Axial Weld Bonding Pliers3/8 (9.5)
WPAWW-Type Axial Weld Bonding Pliers1/2 (12.7)
WPAK6-Piece Axial Weld Bonding Pliers Kit-



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