• Forged steel jaws.
  • Torsion handle spring and latch.
  • Straight and slightly curved cuts.


Catalog #DescriptionCutting ApplicationLength of Cut in. (mm)GripLength in. (mm)Net Weight oz. (g)
AV6Forged Steel Aviation SnipOffset Cuts Straight and Left1-1/4 (31.8)Red9-5/8 (245)15 (425)
AV7Forged Steel Aviation SnipOffset Cuts Straight and Right1-1/4 (31.8)Green9-5/8 (245)15 (425)

Capacities – Inches (mm)

Aluminum Copper Stainless Steel (20 Gauge) Galv Steel (18 Gauge) Mild Steel (18 Gauge)
.062 (1.57) .054 (1.37) .036 (0.91) .052 (1.32) .048 (1.22)



My Review for Aviation Snips: Offset AVs

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Had to order em online
Cause the supply houses stopped carrying them for some reason. I have these and the reds. Best snips made IMO. I had my last pair for 4 years till my helper used them as a hammer. Other than that they were bullet proof.


Always looking for better cutters
I need to use cutters every day cutting sheet metal on the job. These are about the best I have found.