Aviation Snips: Bulldog – Max2000®

The Bulldog Aviation Snip has high-leverage, snub-nosed alloy steel blades, with a serrated lower blade. The Bulldog allows controlled notching and trimming out to the blade tip in heavy gauge metal or layered metal and seams. Precisely ground blade tips also cut into tight spaces and flush to 90° walls.


  • Notches and trims to blade tip in heavy or layered metal.
  • Superior cutting life.
  • Compound linkage multiplies user hand leverage.
  • Adjustable pivot bolt.
  • Handles fit large or small hands.


Catalog #DescriptionLength of Cut in. (mm)Net Weight oz. (g)
M2005Bulldog Aviation, Notching & Trimming1-1/16 (27.0)13 (367)
M2000SReplace Spring, MAX2000

Capacities: in (mm)

Aluminum Copper Galvanized Steel Mild Steel Stainless Steel
.062 (1.57) .054 (1.37) .054 (1.37) .048 (1.22) .038 (0.97)



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Marcos Plata

The Best Snips. Period.
These are the best snips I have ever used. Ever. I have other brands on the bench and EVERY SINGLE TIME I use the other brands, I remember how much nicer the Malco's are. It does not matter what they cost, they are worth it.

Sam Davis

Mini bulldogs
They are exactly what he said they were and work really well.