Andy Aluminum Handled Snips 14″

Sleek styling, easy blade replacement, and larger handles make Malco’s 14″ Andy Snip more versatile. A sleek head design improves maneuverability. Ideal for making cuts in tight material, shapes such as J-Channel. A full 3-1/4″ (82.6 mm) cutting length makes straight shearing with the Malco Andy™ Snip fast and easy. Blade replacement is easily accomplished in the field.

The 14″ Malco Andy Snips are available in two cutting models:

  • M14N  for pattern, straight shearing, mild curve cuts, and multiple layers of material.
  • MC14N for combination cuts left or right and straight cuts.

Also available in classic style handles.


  • Larger Handle Loops
  • Sleek Head Design Improves Maneuverability
  • Full 3-1/4″ (82.6 mm) Cutting Length  – 14″
  • Pressure-fit Inset Blades (M14N, MC14N)


Capacities: in (mm)

Vinyl Aluminum Copper Stainless Steel (26 Gauge) Galv Steel (24 Gauge) Mild Steel (24 Gauge)
14 .055 (1.40) .035 (0.89) .023 (0.58) .018 (0.46) .028 (0.71) .024 (0.61)



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Jeff Pittman

This thing cuts sheet metal really well.

This thing cuts sheet metal really well. PROS: - Really effective at cutting sheet metal (and plastic if needed). - Made of Heavy Duty Material. Doesn't feel flimsy and doesn't seem susceptible to breakage. CONS: - Takes two hands to complete a cut. - May occasionally pinch fingers, if not careful.