Adjustable Nylon Ties

These Indoor-rated, jumbo 36 and 48 inch (914 and 1219 mm) 175 lb. tensile strength ties bundle heavy cable, hoses or wire, and are also ideal for securing HVAC round duct take-offs made of fiberglass wool.

UV Resistant ties include large and small tie options that are rated for outdoor use. A versatile 175 lb. tensile strength, 24 inch (610 mm) UV resistant adjustable tie can secure or bundle heavy cable, hoses and wire for a variety of automotive, marine or industrial applications.

An 11 inch (279 mm) UV resistant tie offers 50 lb. tensile strength for smaller wire bundles or the inside spaces of equipment enclosures; it is ideal for use in HVAC mini-split and window unit climate control installations. These ties are UL type 21S certified to be used as supporting devices in electrical installations.

All of these Malco self-locking adjustable ties feature durable one-piece, 100% nylon construction and are easy to install; just wrap the tie around the material, slip the tie tail through the locking head, hand tighten and then set with a tie tensioning tool. Also, you can rest easy knowing that all of Malco’s nylon ties are UL listed.



  • UL Listed Nylon Ties.
  • Secure or bundle wire, cable or hose.
  • Jumbo ties for securing HVAC flex duct take-offs.
  • Outdoor rated UV resistant ties for automotive, marine and industrial applications.
  • Small size UV resistant ties ideal for HVAC mini-split installations.


Catalog #DescriptionLength in.(mm)Width in.(mm)Adjustable Dia in.(mm)
TY11Nylon Ties11 (279)3/16 (4.57)3-1/16 (78)
TY24Nylon Ties24 (610)3/8 (9.5)7-3/16 (179)
TY34Nylon Ties36 (914)3/8 (9.5)to 11 (279)
TY48Nylon Ties48 (1219)3/8 (9.5)to 14-1/2 (368)



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