New Modular Metal Benders from Malco Products, SBC

Malco Products, SBC, one of the nation’s leading solution developers and manufacturers of a variety of high-quality tools for the building trades, has introduced its new professional-grade Metal Benders by Malco, the first product available in the company’s new line of built-tough metal roofing tools.

Metal Benders by Malco have the ability to form 0°-100° bends on straight or curved panels of any length on the jobsite, allowing trade pros to get the job done more efficiently, eliminating the need to wait on wholesale rollformers.

Narrow bearing stance models follow curved panels easily or form straight bends when needed, and wide bearing stance models provide more control for straighter bends. Both variations may be paired with a connector for a modular experience, allowing trade pros to “freestyle” their set-up, in a one or two station configuration.


Additionally, the metal benders allow for easy configuration and flexibility on the jobsite by allowing the user to adjust the rollers for different thicknesses and materials, and they can also be customized by replacing the angled roller with an optional 2mm radius roller to allow for “softer” bends for materials like copper, zinc, and aluminum, which can have problems with tighter bends.


Malco’s Metal Benders are made with premium components, offer quick setup, and are lightweight and highly portable, with a removable handle for compact storage. Metal Benders by Malco also include exclusive features like the angled roller to avoid scratching the material on a 90° bend — something most current benders on the market don’t have.

“We are very excited to expand our line of professional-grade tools with the introduction of this new, premium metal-bending product,” said Nancy Gunnerson, director of marketing. “This line is designed with roofing installers and building exterior contractors in mind and with one goal— making jobs faster and easier, and we’ve delivered on that goal with this product. We look forward to introducing additional new metal roofing products soon, so stay tuned!”