Head of the Class Communication Toolkit

This page is used as a resource for you, the educator, to help spread the word and recognize those within the Malco Head of the Class Program. The materials below offer templates to promote the recognition on behalf of your student(s) and school with local news outlets, social media, and internal communications channels.

Template of a news item for inclusion in your school’s newsletter, blog, or website Sample caption to accompany photo of the Head of the Class winner and/or the entire class
Template of a news item to send to your local media Sample social media copy for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Malco meta logoFeel free to use the Malco Products, SBC, logo in place of a photo of the winner or class if one is not available. (To save image: right click, save as)

You may fill out these materials with information about your program and winners and distribute to appropriate news organizations or post on social media. Please be mindful of any necessary photo permissions before sharing, especially if any participants in your program are under the age of 18.

If your school has a communications or marketing department, you may wish to pass this toolkit along for their use as well.

We welcome you to tag Malco in your class photos posted on social media and give us a follow – you can find us on Facebook: @MalcoProductsUSA, Twitter: @malcoproducts, and LinkedIn: Malco Products SBC. We hope you’ll participate again next year!