Save up to 3 profitable hours on each job with the innovative Sider. It works quickly and accurately, replacing chalk lines, squares and straight edges. Use it as a scribe or square to mark or score precise lines. Or go straight to cutting with your utility knife in the precisely marked 1/8” (3.2 mm) holes. The Sider comes in 3 sizes to match popular siding profiles and features durable 18-gauge (1.22 mm) stainless steel construction. It’s one smart little tool for even the biggest siding jobs.

Sider Double 4″
(102 mm)
Sider Double 5″
(127 mm)
Sider Dutchlap 4-1/2″
(114 mm)


  • Choose from 3 Sider sizes to fit most siding panel styles.


Catalog #DescriptionNet Weight oz. (g.)
SD40Sider Double 47 (199)
SD50Sider Double 58 (227)
SDL45Sider Dutchlap 4-1/27 (199)



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C. Beard

Time is money and this saves time!
Huge time saver when cutting siding. Easily pays for itself the first project. Just make sure you buy the right size to match your siding.

Barry R. Markham "Barry"

5″ template
Originally ordered by mistake,then I ordered the 4" , meanwhile the 5" arrived and I was so impressed I decided to keep them both.