3-Blade Sheet Metal Crimper

Use the SC3R 3-Blade Crimper to downsize heavier stove pipe and round metal duct to create a male connection for joining sections.  The tool’s hardened steel construction features heavy-duty, compound head and handle linkage to make easy work of crimping 24 to 22 gauge (0.71-0.86 mm) galvanized steel.  A handle closing stop maintains a consistent crimp profile for the life of the tool, and the steel handle frame stands up to abuse and will not collapse.  Nickel plating resists elements.

The Malco SC3R Crimper also features ergonomic RedLine Handle technology.  An Engineered handle opening compliments the natural power stroke of any user’s hand and maximizes the powerful 7:1 mechanical advantage of compound-leverage head to handle linkage.  Comfortable handle grip contours, a non-slip grip insert, spring handle actuation and a thumb-operated handle latch ensure a natural fit and feel for comfortable one hand operation anywhere on the job.


  • Downsize ends of round duct and stove pipe fast and easy.
  • Heavy duty capacity.
  • Compound leverage produces 7 to 1 mechanical advantage.
  • Ergonomic Redline Handles won’t wear you down.


Catalog #DescriptionThroat Depth in. (mm)Nominal Length in. (mm)Net Weight oz. (g)
SC3R3-Blade Pipe Crimper1-1/4 (31.8)9 (229)14 (397)

Capacities: in (mm)

Stainless Steel 26 Gauge Galvanized Steel 24 Gauge Mild Steel 24 Gauge
.018 (0.46) .034 (0.86) .030 (0.76)



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Jolt'n Joe

Stovepipe Crimper!
This tool allows you to buy lengths of stovepipe or round duct & cut to fit. Crimp the cut end with this tool & slide together. Very easy to use & works well.