Impact-Grade Star Chuck Drivers

The distinctive blue color of these chuck drivers is your assurance that they can withstand the kind of impact driver stress characteristic for each fastening application. And all Malco Impact-Grade insert and power bit chuck drivers are precisely machined for positive, fail-proof engagement of the fastener head. These Star bit selections feature unique high-torque steel construction and a design that absorbs and dissipates impact-driver-induced stress at peak loads.


  • Unique high torque steel construction.
  • Absorbs and dissipates impact driver stress.
  • Fail-proof engagement of fastener head.


Catalog #DescriptionPoint SizeHex Shank in (mm)Overall Length in (mm)
TX10IPStar Insert BitT101/4 (6)1 (25)
TX15IPStar Insert BitT151/4 (6)1 (25)
TX20IPStar Insert BitT201/4 (6)1 (25)
TX25IPStar Insert BitT251/4 (6)1 (25)
TX27IPStar Insert BitT271/4 (6)1 (25)
TX30IPStar Insert BitT301/4 (6)1 (25)
TX10XIPStar Power BitT101/4 (6)2 (51)
TX15XIPStar Power BitT151/4 (6)2 (51)
TX20XIPStar Power BitT201/4 (6)2 (51)
TX25XIPStar Power BitT251/4 (6)2 (51)
TX27XIPStar Power BitT271/4 (6)2 (51)
TX30XIPStar Power BitT301/4 (6)2 (51)



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