Writable Measuring Tape

Now measure faster, easier and with greater accuracy! The Malco 1 inch x 25 foot Writable Measuring Tape features a quick-note case and a versatile double-sided blade with four hook points. Use a pencil to note your measurement on the large writable case surface. Two carpenters pencils are packaged with the tape. You supply your thumb or work pants as an eraser. Graduations on both sides of the blade allow convenient orientation of the case around obstacles and a wide double hook, with four solid points, provides several reading options without risk of unhooking. Reading from the backside of the blade can also facilitate easier graduation location and reading in some hard to access spots. The curvature of the durable, high-visibility, nylon-coated blade makes it self-supporting for up to a 10 foot reach. A positive slide lock prevents blade creep when hands need to be free for measuring and marketing on a bench or when suspending tape for vertical measurements. Who knew that a few modest changes to an everyday product could add up to such a “noteworthy” addition to your tool box!


Catalog #DescriptionNet Weight oz (g)
T425WWritable Measuring Tape19 oz (527 g)



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