Gutter Outlet Saws

For use with a minimum 1/2-in. (13 mm) cordless or corded electric drill and Malco combination Arbor and High Speed Pilot Drill.  Malco Gutter Outlet Saws make safe, fast, clean cuts in thin walled and half round gutter.  Downspout fits snug and flush with gutter every time.  High speed steel teeth set at 10 per-inch (per 25.4 mm) will not grab or twist material, even when cutting half round gutter.  The Pilot drill bit projects only 11 mm (7/16-in.) out of the shallow 25.4 mm (1-in.) gutter saw cup to ensure controlled safe engagement of the teeth.  A tapered compression spring collar on the arbor pilot drill bit automatically ejects the metal slug.  These saws may be used on the ground or on the roof, following power tool manufacturer’s instructions for drill operation.  Ideal for cutting 0.43-0.81 mm (.017-.032 in.) K-Style aluminum gutter and Half-Round gutter made of 0.46 mm (.018 in.) zinc coated aluminum (ZincAlum), 0.58 mm (.023 in.) galvanized aluminum (GalvAlum), 0.53 mm (.021 in.) painted steel and 22 oz. copper.


  • Clean Cutting in Thin Walled and Half Round Gutter.
  • High Speed Steel Teeth Set at 10 Per in. (25.4 mm), Will Not Grab or Twist Gutter Material.
  • Tapered Compression Spring Collar on Arbor.
  • Pilot Drill Bit Automatically Ejects Metal Slug.
  • Versatile For a Variety of Gutter Materials, finishes, Shapes and Sizes.


Capacities: in (mm)

Aluminum Zinc Coated Aluminum Galvanized Aluminum Painted Steel Copper
.017 – .032 (0.43 – 0.81) .018 (0.46) .023 (0.58) .021 (0.53) 22 oz



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