Flexible Duct Support

The Malco FDS1 Flexible Duct Support eliminates air flow restrictions and increases efficiency to dramatically reduce utility bills and improve heated or air-conditioned room comfort. A properly supported 90° duct elbow typically improves air flow efficiency 10 to 40%. A Malco Duct Support quickly installs on new or existing flexible duct. The versatile FDS1 design uses either 36 or 48 inch nylon cable/zip ties to accommodate 4 inch to 16 inch diameters of flexible fiberglass wool duct as well as un-insulated flexible duct. And the strong, but lightweight, 100% recycled polymer support will not weigh down ducting.

Classified UL, Greenspec Listed.


  • Supports 90° elbow for flexible duct.
  • Quickly installs on 4-16 inch duct diameters.
  • Lightweight 100% recycled polymer construction.
  • Uses 36 and 48 inch nylon ties (Malco TY34 and TY48).




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Thomas Robicheaux

Works just like it should.

I bought these with my own money since I could not get any free for testing. With my anemometer it is showing a 10-15% improvement in some of the vents of my home.