Duct Knife

For cutting flexible fiberglass wool duct and duct board, the DK6S Duct Knife has double edge blades that are ideal for blind cuts in “flex” duct. Ergonomic cushion grip features one serrated cutting edge and comes with a puncture-resistant nylon sheath. Heavy-duty cutlery grade steel blades can be resharpened.


  • Puncture Resistant Nylon Sheath.
  • Serrated Edge.
  • Double edged, cutlery grade steel blades.





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Better than the rest.

I've used razor knives and scissors to cut flex & the inner insulation on metal duct work. This knife is my saving grace. Use the serrated side for flex & the blade for the inner insulation & you'll be a happy installer. It never gets hung up or cuts out of line. I have a pocket sharpener that I keep on me at all times & it works perfectly.