FasGroov® Hand Tools

Malco’s patented one-piece layout system for 1 1/2″ and 1″ board incorporates the familiar FasGroov® Square with anodized sled tools. Offsets built into the square and tools allow you to lay out 1-1/2″ and 1″ duct board as you cut.


Catalog #DescriptionColorReplacement Blade Catalog #Board Size
FGV1#1 Female ShiplapGrayFGV1RB1"
FGV24#2/4 Right Hand ShiplapDark OrangeFGV24RB1"
FGV3#3 Left Hand ShiplapOrangeFGV3RB1"
FGV5#5 Staple FlapBlueFGFGV5RB1"
FGV6#6 Shiplap Trim ToolTanFGV6RB1"
FGL1#1 Female ShiplapGrayFGL1RB1 1/2"
FGL24# 2/4 Right Hand ShiplapDark OrangeFGL24RB1 1/2"
FGL3#3 Left Hand ShiplapOrangeFGL3RB1 1/2"
FGL5#5 Staple FlapBlueFGL5RB1 1/2"
FGLVVee-GrooveRedFGLVRB1 1/2"


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