Why Choose American Hand Tools Made from American Steel?

10th June 2022 • Categories: Made in USA, Eagle Grip

american hand tools

In the world of tools, investing in a high-quality product means that the user will be able to get their jobs done easier and done right the first time. As tempting as it may be to choose a cheaper imported alternative, the tradeoff can be spending an extra hour or two working or continuous replacement due to breakage. As a Malco product line, Eagle Grip® is proud to bring USA-made quality back to manufacturing. All of our American hand tools are built with American steel to outwork, outperform, and outlast the competition.

Top 3 Advantages of American Hand Tools Made from American Steel

1. Unsurpassed Quality & Safety

There is no comparison between American steel and imported steel due to the rigorous safety requirements and steel manufacturing standards established in the USA that aren’t usually deemed necessary in other countries. This means that imported steel may contain impurities or additives during the manufacturing process that compromise the end product. All Eagle Grip tools are constructed with high-grade, heat-treated American steel, so you can expect superior quality and safety during every use.

2. Reduced Environmental Impact

With global warming as a pressing issue that affects us all, consumers should be aware that tools made overseas have a higher carbon footprint than American hand tools. Foreign goods have to be shipped from across the ocean to reach our stores, burning fossil fuels and emitting greenhouse gases as they travel. Other countries can have few to no regulations to protect air and water health, while manufacturers in the USA are bound by regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). American steel companies are also driven by consumer demand to look for other ways to lower emissions and enhance sustainability. Eagle Grip can maintain an overall lower carbon footprint since we source our steel domestically and manufacture all of our specialty tools from our DeWitt, NE facility.

3. Positive Economic & Workforce Benefits

Buying American hand tools supports the workers who make them, in addition to benefitting the entire economy. When our nation’s manufacturers prosper, they typically hire local construction firms to expand their operations, accounting firms to handle their money, and energy suppliers to provide them with power. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that every U.S. manufacturing job supports an additional 1.4 jobs in other parts of our nation’s economy. Another benefit of purchasing American hand tools is to help strengthen our nation’s independence instead of relying on other countries for support.

Ultimately, there are multiple reasons why you should buy American hand tools made from American steel. Although the price tags may be higher, the cost per use is lower since these products will last longer. Go local and experience the Eagle Grip difference for yourself!