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With age and wear, any threaded fastener head used in auto body applications has the potential to corrode, break off or strip out, creating an extraction issue if removal of the secured part is required to make a repair.  Parts removal that can pose a fastener extraction issue include: aftermarket parts, bumpers, bumper covers, grills, doors, seat belts, running boards, nerf bars, exhaust systems, body panels inner liners and more.

Malco’s unique Extractor Kit features Left Handed Cobalt Drill Bits and Straight Fluted Extractors to make screw and bolt extraction Faster, Easier and Safer!

SEK1_action collage 2

Left Handed Cobalt Drill Bits create a pilot hole for the extractor and also loosen, or even remove, corroded, stripped-out, or headless threaded fasteners with the momentum of the left-turning bit.

SEK1_action collage 1

Straight-Fluted Extractors with a hollow-ground, hardened edge provide extra bite in the pilot hole and can be torqued in either direction to loosen a frozen screw or bolt.

For use with screw or  bolt diameters of 1/4-in. (M3) to 5/8-in. (M15), this 10-piece kit contains: 5) Straight-Fluted, Alloy Steel Extractors and 5) Matched Left Handed Cobalt Drill Bits.

Visit www.malcotools.com for more details and where to buy, or click here now to see a short video demonstration of the Malco SEK1 Extractor Kit in action.   Be sure to return to this blog discussion page to weigh in with any feedback you may have!  We always encourage you to comment on our postings.