Two Easy Solutions for Cutting Fiber Cement Not an Easy Choice?

30th September 2010 • Categories: Fiber Cement Guillotines, Product Introductions

Guillotines Generate Minimal Dust!

A guillotine-style Angle Cutter and dedicated straight-cutting Guillotine Shear offer a choice of two quiet-quality solutions for cutting fiber cement siding planks while generating minimal dust.  And both of these easy-operating manual shears make efficient, ultra-clean, precise cuts without compressing the 5/16” (8 mm) trim edge of the plank.

For making 3/12 to 12/12 pitch cuts in fiber cement siding, the Model No. FCC7 Angle Cutter is the easy answer.  Just scribe the desired angle on the siding plank and feed it into the guillotine blade as you cut.  The blade is anchored above the cutter’s large work plate to allow through-clearance for cutting any roof pitch in siding planks up to 12” (305 mm) wide.  For simply cutting planks to length, a 90-degree fence installs to the left or right of the blade.  The operator merely loosens a knob to swing the fence out of the way when making angled cuts. When mounted on saw horses at roughly knee level, the Angle Cutter’s easily accessible blade-handle allows the operator to still work over the table for plenty of leverage.  This cutter also operates at ground level to eliminate need to support siding planks.

The No. FCC4 Guillotine is specialized for making straight cuts in 8-1/4” (210 mm) wide fiber cement siding plank.  An exclusive support plate, with board stop, offers superior stability for this type of shear and ensures straight, square cuts every time.  Designed for operating at ground level, optimal handle leverage reduces user fatigue.

Visit and click the video tab to see Malco Fiber Cement Siding Hand Tools and both the FCC4 and FCC7 guillotine-style shears in action.  Let us know your choice!