Time-Saving Radiant Floor Heating Supplies for Streamlined Installation

11th January 2021 • Categories: Pex to Wire Radiant Heat Tools, Pex to Wood Stapler, Construction

radiant floor heating supplies

There’s no place like home. A cozy retreat where one can rest and relax… until you walk onto your frigid floors and say goodbye to your warm toes. With temperatures dropping, many homeowners are investing in radiant floor heating systems throughout their living spaces and bathrooms. It’s a form of central heating that’s energy-efficient, eliminates cold spots, easy to use, minimizes dust circulation, and more. When it comes to installation, contractors need the best radiant floor heating supplies to get the job done quickly, effectively, and safely. As a leading American manufacturer of specialty tools, Malco has got your back.

Malco’s Must-Have Radiant Floor Heating Supplies

PEX Stapler for Wood and Foam Board (PWS1 & FBSN)

Here’s the perfect tool for installing in-floor radiant heating. This easy-loading and portable manual stapler includes a magazine feed and operates from a standing position to quickly secure a layout of PEX pipe to a wooden subfloor or foam-board base. Featuring durable, lightweight construction and an ergonomic D-grip handle, you can rely on this tool for fast, easy, one-handed, one-stroke stapling. It works great with Malco’s exclusive staple designs for wood (PWS2) and foam board (FBSN1 & FBSN2).


PEX to Foam Board Staples (FBSN1 & FBSN2)

Count on Malco brand staples for superior strength. These extra-sharp, dual-barbed staples come in two lengths for different thicknesses of foam board. Our FBSN1 staples are 1-1/2” long to secure 3/8” or ½” PEX to 1” foam board, while the FBSN2 staples are 2-1/2” long and feature additional barbs for maximum holding power when securing 3/8”, ½”, or 5/8” PEX to 2” foam board. These staples come in packs of 200 or 300.

in floor radiant heating supplies

PEX to Wood Staples (PWS2)

This Malco exclusive plastic staple design accommodates 3/8” or ½” PEX pipe and features two .083” x ¾” ring-shank, stainless-steel nails for superior pull strength. Loading strips of 25 staples are joined together flush with a clean plastic weld to further enhance smooth stapling action. One 200 pack secures approximately 300 feet of PEX when spaced 18” apart.

In-Floor Radiant Heating SmartTool™ & SmartClip™ Fastening System (SM1 & SM2)

Install in-floor radiant heating 80% faster than traditional methods with the easy-to-use, top-loading SmartTool stapler. It’s used to install SmartClip staples that secure a layout of PEX tubing to a wire grid with a foam-board base. This lightweight and ergonomic tool features a large-capacity magazine that holds over 40 SmartClips (two loading strips) for uninterrupted, smooth, one-stroke stapling of popular ½” PEX. The SmartClips keep the inserted PEX elevated over the wire grid to provide thorough concrete encasement and coverage. The resulting PEX layout placement on the wire grid ensures even distribution of in-floor heating.


PEX to Wire Tool (PT1)

Look no further for a fast, easy, and labor-saving way to secure PEX to a wire grid with proprietary Malco PC1EV Clips. The tool’s 25-clip capacity magazine and smooth stapling mechanism quickly feeds and installs the 12-gauge wire clip with a single, one-handed pump of the handles. The secured clip allows adequate movement to avoid abrasion of the PEX tubing.  The PT1 features hardened all-steel construction with a rust-resistant nickel plate and black-oxide finishes for long service life, as well as ergonomic RedLine® Handle technology.


PEX to Wire Clips (PC1EV)

These heavy-duty, 12-gauge clips are safe to use on all PEX-to-wire applications and all brands of PEX tubing from 3/8” to 5/8” inside diameters without jamming, breaking, or damaging the PEX. The clip connection allows some PEX movement to avoid abrasion. These clips are compatible with Malco’s PT1 PEX to Wire Tool.

PEX Tubing Uncoiler (UC1)

Organize and dispense all types of PEX tubing easily and efficiently with Malco’s PEX Tubing Uncoiler. A heavy-duty turntable supports a full coil, and an eyelet loop opens for easy feeding or removal of tubing from the unit. A factory-adjusted tension prevents backlash and spreading of tubing coil off the turntable. The UC1 is easy to set up with no tools required to assemble and takes up very little space in a truck or van. An optional wheel and handle kit are also available.

Malco Pex Uncoiler


From start to finish, radiant floor heating supplies by Malco make installing PEX tubing easy and fast. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Add Malco’s line of in-floor radiant heating tools to your toolkit to set yourself up for success in the field!