The Snips Warranty

10th December 2012 • Categories: Santa's Writers Workship 12-03-12

This is a rep story, not a contractor story, but….

I was stopping in to see some folks working the counter/city desk one day about 4 years ago. I was immediately confronted by a contractor who was fairly vehemently voicing his displeasure that he had snapped the jaws on his last two sets of aviation snips and that Malco needed to learn how to make these better. After explaining how rare it was to see this in the Malco product, I asked him if he could send me a picture of the snips. He told me that he could do one better than that – he still had both pairs in his truck and went to get them to show me. To keep this story short, he was rather embarrassed when I showed him that his snips were a competitors’ and not Malco. He then purchased two sets of our Max2000’s and went happily on his way.